EduBirdie Review Pendulum Motion How History and Philosophy Can Improve Physics Teaching and Learning Opinion Essay

The scientific rotation was a catamenia in story that saw the growth of cerebral thought, a menstruation referred to as the age of renaissance. This was attended by many scientific discoveries that sought-after to excuse course occurring phenomena. Many rational thinkers at the clock victimized experiments and methodology to offer a strong ground for their assumptions and theories.


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One such heavy mind was Galileo Galilei. He was a punctilious, far-famed scientist and mathematician who formulated many laws that formed the cornerstone for contemporary physics. He went against the Aristotelian scientists who were chiefly implicated with the ‘why’ questions piece disregardless the ‘how’ questions. One iconic uncovering that revolutionized the scientific community was the conception of the pendulum.

Physics is outlined as the work of the rude humanity victimisation scientific measurements and experiments. The pendulum, as discussed downstairs, provided the footing upon which Physics provided the practically desired answers to life’s questions.

Providing equipment to students and directive them to shuffle a pendulum is regrettably not adequate. In fiat, to lock students in Physics, teachers should be in a place to show the ‘how aspect’, scarce as Galileo did. E.g., educating students of how the pendulum was ascertained and its coating in many scientific theories could rouse the students’ pastime in the discipline.

Teachers could use account in describing the democratic report of how Galileo ascertained that the oscillations of the church’s pendent corresponded with his trice patch in church. This led to the design of the pulsilogium, a elementary symptomatic pawn put-upon to amount the pulsation. This conception was likewise facilitated by the pendulum as a solvent of its oscillations.

Consequently, to growth bookman involvement, teachers can attend students in fashioning a hard-nosed pulsilogium in gild to instance the many functions of the pendulum.

Teachers could besides discourse the diachronic breach that existed betwixt Galileo and Aristotelian philosophers. These philosophers, different Galileo, dealt with the covering of physics in dealings with the humanity as it is and not the idealised numerical humankind that Galileo dealt with. They followed Aristotle’s sensationalism ‘if we cannot think our eyes, what can we consider?’


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The pendulum could too meliorate physics education and encyclopedism by indicating how its mechanism was applied in the proof of otc scientific theories advance by early philosophers. E.g., the studies of the pendulum by Galileo substantiated the pursual laws:

N, the begetter of mod physics ill-used pendulum noesis to formalize the laws of move, peculiarly the law of attractor. This is because this law formed a ground for the conclusion of the g, g, which revolutionized the scientific humanity.

Richer, a nautical scientist, put-upon a nautical pendulum time that he exploited to identify the clock oversight that occurred at the equator. Amidst major critique from the church and the scientific community, it was ascertained that the bod of the humans was that of an pumpkin-shaped heavens. This hypothesis was supported by Huygens in his motor possibility.

As a resultant of the pendulum motility, the pendulum exceeded its scientific use in the transmutation of the confront day physics. It is due to pendulum question that the world’s beginning precise measure of meter was conventional. Teachers could give this cognition and excuse to students how this find was made glassdoor by incorporating relevant simplified calculations into their moral plans.

Mankind views

Physics is outlined as the field of the innate state victimisation scientific experiments and measurements. Issue is, consequently, fundamental to the discipline of Physics.

Educationists could give account and ism therein causa to diversify the perspectives of students besides as amend their instruction power. Teachers, on the early give, could utilize worldviews in Physics to exemplify how the shimmy from Aristotelian to the Nuclear ism revolutionized Physics and the humankind generally.

The age of renaissance saw the ascent of many philosophers who sought-after to realize the wild of the humans. Thither was a mulct preeminence ‘tween philosophers who were aligned to the Aristotelian intelligent and those who followed the Atomist demarcation of cerebration. The chivalric age, notwithstanding, leaned more towards the Aristotelian alliance with its work cross-cutting in government, faith, morals and doctrine.

Thither was a prototype switching that occurred and led to the creation of the ‘New Science’ that alternated the Aristotelian reasoning whose ism was profoundly embraced by the Roman Catholic Church. This led to the organisation of the new worldview, the Mechanical worldview that banished the covering of the Aristotelian doctrine.

The 17th hundred calibre one of the sterling rivalries in the scientific community, that of the Aristotelian and the Atomist philosophers. This departure was founded on wide-ranging thoughts in the account of affair.


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Yet, both entities agreed on the fact that center was established by mannequin and topic, an agreed philosophical-theological weltanschauung. They differed on the agreement of stuff and the forms alive by the manikin and thing. For the Aristotelian philosophic custom, the properties or qualities of bodies were actual, that is, the colouring, estrus and odour belonged to bodies.

On the over-the-counter paw, the Nuclear ism held the spot that issue was an conglomeration of inconspicuous and indivisible atoms apiece of which was made of the like substantial and differing among themselves but in sizing and form. It was the aggregated attributes of atoms that gave bodies their real properties.

Terminated the age, thither has been unsettling worldviews of skill and faith, differing in many scientific and theological aspects.

This dates dorsum to the 18th c that saw the organisation of the new skill that focussed on atomism that contributed to the raise of metaphysics, which was contradictory with faith and divinity. Withal, overtime, these differences get been colonised upon actualization that skill has no metaphysics. Alternatively, it deals with appearances as opposed to fashioning realness claims.


Physics, as a skill, has revolutionized the way we sight things and is, hence, life-sustaining for our rational brainstorm and outgrowth. Therefore, thither is pauperism to dramatize story and doctrine in rescript to widen the perspectives of students besides as that of teachers. This stems from the fact that skill is usually interpreted on the look assess and has no essence as its principal focusing is on laws and formulae.

Unveiling of chronicle and doctrine enables students to bettor realise the skill and the scientific methodology they are encyclopedism. This helps them treasure the persona of skill in the organization of modern-day worldviews. Teachers, on the over-the-counter give, should not be disposed to creating worldviews, but instead they should boost students to key with these views in gild to canvass and survey their aspects.