9: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson

Contrast to the fierce mascots at many universities Go Tigers! Go Hawks! UCSC teams are represented by the lowly Banana Slug, a 6 to 8 inch bright yellow mollusk that slides around the forest floor in the Santa Cruz Mountains. At one point, a chancellor tried to change the name to something more conventional the Sea Lions. But in a student vote, the Banana Slug prevailed..

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This type of jersey debuted for last season’s “gold game” but wasn’t ready for full scale use until this season. The Nike jerseys are composed of fewer fabric panels than last year’s model and are perforated toward the bottom. LSU’s traditional gold pants are also cheap nfl jerseys one piece now instead of the stripe being a knit fabric, again for a better fit..

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It was all really hard for sure though so I definitely understand that this type of path isn’t likely for everyone. There were some major ups and downs and having the strength to push through has been really tough at times. I could easily see a process like this breaking up a relationship If it wasn’t strong enough.

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